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The Witch of Salt and Storm by Kendall Kulper


**Copy kindly provided by Net-galley &Hachette Children’s Books in exchange for an honest review**


Whilst reading this book I felt the feels, all of them. I think the only way that I can explain this book in one sentence is: an emotional roller-coaster. To begin with I was not too sure — it was a slow, shaky start and I wasn't sure if I was having the problem or the book was. But after I plodded through the slow shaky start I got so engrossed in the story that I just couldn't put it down; needless to say this led to late lunch hour returns and a few harsh words from management (Nothing too drastic though!).


I loved the setting and the times this book was set in. The island has a deep seeded legend of witches, generations of magic that keep the whaling jobs plentiful, a historical setting that doesn't bore you and won’t make you question every other point for accuracy; such an excellent setting.


I really loved Avery, she was brave in her beliefs, and was so confident with her path in life, that no matter what was thrown her way she stayed strong, and continually went for what she wanted. I felt sad that her mother treated her badly, and that she lost a lot, to receive very little.


I really enjoyed the storyline. I got engrossed in Avery’s story, the magic, mystery and intrigue. But what I really loved was how the writing was so descriptive that I could almost smell the salty ocean (even whilst sitting in the crummy, dank staff room!).

Romance, it was inevitably forbidden but it was a sweet love. I liked that it didn't dominate the story but I did like that it kept making me root for Avery and Tane to defy the odds against them!


The end I thought was good, it doesn't end overly well but it fitted the story and that is where I felt those feels most. I really did enjoy this book, it definitely can’t be a stand-alone…….. At least I hope not! This was an excellent book and I will read it again when I am searching for something that I can really sink my teeth into!


I gave this 5 stars